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Current Podcast Recommendations (4/2/2020) -  As someone with a long commute I find Podcasts a great way of keeping up to date with technology (as well as other things) and it helps me feel that my commute time is not wasted. Over the years I think I have benefited from this approach as its increased my level of general knowledge…More
Developer Roadmaps (2/13/2019) - Something that’s proving popular on Medium these days are “development roadmaps” that outline a roadmap approach to choosing techniques and technologies for certain technical domains (for example Web development or Dev Ops). Some of these are particularly powerful for putting the many bewildering technologies all on one page with logical grouping and a visual representation…More
Useful Git Training Links (7/1/2018) - Having recently had to compile a list of useful learning resources for a development team migrating to git, I thought I would share them here. Git is a very powerful and versatile distributed source control system but its not the easiest for a newbie to get their head around. The below links are ordered from…More
Useful React.JS Learning Resources (10/10/2016) - Below are some links that you might find useful for learning React.js and Flux, Facebook’s successful JavaScript UI framework.  There are a lot of resources out there but here are some of the best that I have collected for members of my team. Introductions and overviews of React.js: The React homepage : https://facebook.github.io/react/ Official getting…More
My Current Podcast Picks (1/30/2016) - I like to make the most of my two hour commute and see this time as study time and an opportunity to learn new stuff. Every few years I list my current podcast picks on this blog, so here are my current list of regular podcasts, and this year the subjects are more varied than…More
Succinctly Excellent Free Technical E-Books (1/12/2016) - There are a lot of free ebooks covering technical subjects, and there are a lot of ebooks that have excellent content however finding some with both attributes can be hard. Syncfusion have a collection of really good technical overview books that cover different subjects ‘succinctly’. https://www.syncfusion.com/resources/techportal/ebooks These are not 1000 page monsters but instead focus…More
Building A Learning Culture (10/1/2013) - I’m keen on fostering a learning culture within teams and was drawn to this article on InfoQ “Creating a Culture of Learning and Innovation by Jeff Plummer” which shows what can be achieved through community learning. In the article Jeff outlines how a learning culture was developed within his organisation using simple yet effective crowd…More
The End Of TechNet Downloads Raises The Barrier To Entry For MS Techies (9/7/2013) - Microsoft unfortunately recently announced the demise of the TechNet Subscription. Whilst I appreciate that TechNet download abuse must contribute towards the availability of pirated products, I still think that this is a short sighted move by Microsoft. The MSDN subscription will continue  (for now) and anyone making money from privacy will be able to cover…More
Just Do It ! (1/8/2013) - Now I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions and in fact have the same one each year which I religiously stick to, which is to never make any New Years Resolutions. However whilst we are all in the spirit of renewed enthusiasm for the new year ahead I’d like to quote the great…More
My Current Technology Podcast Picks (11/21/2012) - I previously blogged how I value podcasts as I find them an excellent way to maximise the use of my daily commute time. I thought I’d provide an updated list of the technology related podcasts I subscribe to: PC Pro podcast (UK based PC magazine’s show) TechSNAP Hanselminutes NET Rocks!  Coder Radio Herding Code Software…More
The Enterprise & Open Web Developer Divide (2/6/2012) - In this interesting Forrester post about embracing the open web Jeffrey Hammond highlights the presence of two different developer communities. In his words: "…there are two different developer communities out there that I deal with. In the past, I’ve referred to these groups as the "inside the firewall crowd" and the "outside the firewall crowd."…More
Free .Net Online Learning Resources (10/20/2011) - For anyone interesting in free online .Net & Microsoft platform development training here is a list of links I’ve compiled recently for my development team: Free Plural Sight Courses: http://www.asp.net/web-forms for web forms. Also MVC ones available http://www.asp.net/mvc http://www.asp.net hundreds of screencasts from the Microsoft web team http://www.silverlight.net/learn/ hundreds of screencasts from the Silverlight team…More
The Future Of The IT Department (1/23/2011) - Recently I have been witness to rapid, often painful, change within my own internal IT division over the last few years and observed the on-going developments in the industry. It is clear that IT departments changed dramatically in a short amount of time and the pace is not relenting. This has led me to try…More
Recommended Podcasts For .Net Developers (2/12/2010) - Keeping up with the latest trends, applications, techniques and platforms can be very difficult. The amount of excellent resources available out there on the web is phenomenal, so much so that there are not enough hours in the day to read or watch it all. One source that I find very useful though is Podcasts.…More
Windows Azure: Updated Training Kit (2/6/2009) - There is a new updated version of the Windows Azure Training Kit available for download (link below): Azure Services Training Kit – February Update. This release includes the following updates: 19 demo scripts that walkthrough several of the services 10 presentations covering the entire Azure Services Platform 3 additional hands-on labs for Live ServicesMore