Accessing ‘Live Mesh’ From Your Non-Windows Mobile

imageMicrosoft ‘Live Mesh’ provides the ability to synchronise your data across all your devices via ‘the cloud’. This means you can access your files no matter which PC you’re using, and also extends to Windows Mobile devices. But what if you want access to these files from a non-Windows mobile such as a Nokia Symbian Smartphone. Whilst Microsoft does not provide a Symbian client application (yet!) it is possible to access your Live Mesh folders via your phone’s browser using the Live Mesh mobile web site:

This won’t synchronise your files to the device but it does allow you to upload and download files to/from your mesh folders using a mobile friendly web interface. I find this a very useful way to access my files on the move from my Nokia E71.


Live Mesh : Specify Folder Locations

Windows Live Mesh is a nifty tool for sharing data across various devices. One problem with it though is that by default new Mesh Folders are added to the Desktop of all the devices in your mesh. There is a way to prevent this though.

Creating a new Mesh folder and setting it to synchronise with all your other devices will mean that it appears on the desktop of those machines. The way to avoid this is by ensuring that when you set up a new folder (from either the Live Desktop or directly on any of the devices) make sure that the ‘Synchronise Files’ setting is set to ‘Never with this device’ for all devices (as below):


From each individual device you will now be able to see the new folder in the Live Mesh ‘Manage Folders’ view. From there select the new folder, right click and select ‘Change Synch Settings’  which shows the Change Synchronization dialog (as above) but the Name and Location fields are now also enabled allowing you to change the location of the file on the current device. Specify a folder location and then change the ‘Synchronise Files’ setting to ‘When files are added or modified’ for the local machine (as below). The files will now Synchronise as normal but to the chosen target folder and not your desktop.


Repeat this process for the each device in your Mesh.