Current Podcast Recommendations

 As someone with a long commute I find Podcasts a great way of keeping up to date with technology (as well as other things) and it helps me feel that my commute time is not wasted. Over the years I think I have benefited from this approach as its increased my level of general knowledge and helped me keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Over the last ten years I have occasionally posted my top podcast picks and here are the links to my previous posts in 2010, 2012 and 2016.

Below is a list of my current podcast recommendations for technical and non-technical subjects.

Podcasts on Software Development:
Podcasts on Technology:
Other Recommended Podcasts :
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My Current Podcast Picks

PodcastsI like to make the most of my two hour commute and see this time as study time and an opportunity to learn new stuff. Every few years I list my current podcast picks on this blog, so here are my current list of regular podcasts, and this year the subjects are more varied than before to include a new found interest in Photography and Finance.

Check out my previous posts here:


Ted Talks (MP3 RSS link here)
.Net Rocks (if you are not into .Net still check out the ‘Geek Out’ episodes)
RunAs Radio
JavaScript Jabber
5 Minutes of Javascript
Coder Radio
Software Engineering Radio
PC Pro Podcast


The Investors Podcast
FT Money Show


Digital Photo Experience

Movie News/Reviews:

The Guardian Film Show