My Current Technology Podcast Picks

I previously blogged how I value podcasts as I find them an excellent way to maximise the use of my daily commute time. I thought I’d provide an updated list of the technology related podcasts I subscribe to:

  1. PC Pro podcast (UK based PC magazine’s show)
  2. TechSNAP
  3. Hanselminutes
  4. NET Rocks! 
  5. Coder Radio
  6. Herding Code
  7. Software Engineering Radio
  8. Pluralcast
  9. This Developer’s Life
  10. PowerScripting Podcast
  11. RunAs Radio
  12. The Linux Action Show
  13. The Home Server Show
  14. The Tablet Show
  15. The Digital Lifestyle Show
  16. Microsoft Channel 9 – This Week On Channel 9

Have you got any other shows that you’d like to recommend, if so just leave a comment.


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  1. ian Dixon says:

    Thanks for the mention

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