Recommended Podcasts For .Net Developers

Keeping up with the latest trends, applications, techniques and platforms can be very difficult. The amount of excellent resources available out there on the web is phenomenal, so much so that there are not enough hours in the day to read or watch it all. One source that I find very useful though is Podcasts. Listening to Podcasts has become part of my daily commute to work and it can take the edge of the boring drive. I use my Nokia E71 to download and organise my podcasts and to listen to them in the car. Below is my current recommended list of Podcasts for .Net Developers:

Hanselminutes StackOverflow Blog This Week On Channel 9
DotNet Rocks RunAs Radio UK MSDN Flash Podcast for Windows Development
Software Engineering Radio Herding Code CodeCast
MSDN GeekSpeak PluralCast MSDN Ping
MSDN 10-4

Also for any Windows Home Server enthusiasts I also recommend the Home Server Show.


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