Live Writer Code Plugin : Troubleshooting

  • For information on the plugin and it’s features start here.
  • For downloads and setup instructions see here.

Below are some common setup problems and potential solutions:

PROBLEM: Plugin doesn’t appear in Live Writer. 

SOLUTION 1: Check that you are using the correct version of the plugin for the version of Live Writer you installed. If you are using WINDOWS Live Writer (that comes with Microsoft Essentials) use V1 of my plugin, but if you are using the more modern open-source OPEN Live Writer then use V2 of the plugin.

SOLUTION 2: The download may be blocked by Windows. After download of the Zip file right click > properties and select “UnBlock”, then extract the DLLs and repeat the installation. You may also unblock the DLLs after extraction if you have already extracted. This unblocking just tells Windows that you have intentionally downloaded the file and you are allowing it to execute. For more information see this Microsoft link.

PROBLEM: Microsoft Store Version of Writer won’t allow you to create a Plugins Folder. 

SOLUTION: The Microsoft Store version of Open Live Writer doesn’t yet support plugins. You can download the full version from the official website.

PROBLEM: Plugin is showing HTML encoding issues either during code insertion or at time of posting. 

SOLUTION: There is an HTML Encoding toggle checkbox in the options dialog in Live Writer for the plugin. This may or may not be required depending on your WordPress template and custom CSS. If you experience problems with rendering, encoding or greater than/less than symbols then flip this toggle and see if it resolves the problem.

PROBLEM: Grey box is appearing around the code snippet. 

SOLUTION: This is due to your CSS rules in your WordPress Template or custom CSS.

PROBLEM: Error SyntaxHighlight_WordPressCom_OLWPlugIn.dll’ —> System.NotSupportedException: 

SOLUTION: Check the OpenLiveWriter config file for the loadfromremotesources setting and ensure it is set to true. For more information see this Microsoft link.