Folder Based Toolbars on the Windows Taskbar

Recently someone asked me how I managed to access a list of files on my machine from a pop-up list on the Windows Taskbar. The ability to add folder links to the Windows Taskbar has been around for many versions of Windows I guess still not everyone realises how easy and/or useful it is. I find it helps my productivity and because they are very easy to create and remove it sometimes helps to create them for short to medium term use too. 

To add a folder as a toolbar on the taskbar just right click on the taskbar, pick ‘Toolbars’ and then ‘Create Toolbar…’. This displays the ‘New Toolbar’ dialog which is basically just a folder picker for you to select the folder you want to display.

Once you’ve picked a folder, that’s it! Now you can move it around on the taskbar like any other toolbar.  To remove it, just right click the taskbar again, pick ‘Toolbars’ and unselect it.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.