Nokia E71 – An update

In May posted an entry about my new Nokia E71 smart phone. This is a quick update post and I can confirm that the novelty factor has still yet to wane. I’ve found more uses for my E71 than I originally expected. In addition to the applications listed in my original post I have since downloaded these apps:

  • Twibble: If you do that ‘Twitter’ thing then this application is an excellent mobile client that makes it easy to keep up to date on the move, and it works great on the E71. UPDATE:  I’ve since dumped Twibble for Snaptu. The Twitter client is excellent on Snaptu and you gain from the extra plugins such as RSS readers, FaceBook etc. 

  • Snakes: A new 3D take on the old Nokia ‘Snake’ game. The link I used for this is no longer valid, but it might still be available on the Nokia site.

  • Top Hits Solitaires: A nice selection of basic card games.

  • Global Race – Raging Thunder: A very smart driving game.

  • Ovi Store: Despite Nokia’s efforts this is no Apple iPhone ‘App Store’ but it’s worth having a look through the list of available applications for your Nokia phone periodically as there are a lot of apps available and many are free.

I listen to lots of podcasts and I’m finding that the E71 makes this so easy through its in-built Podcasting application. It enables you to add podcasts to your regular download list by searching by podcast name or you can just  add the feed URL if you know it. You can then check for updates and download them for playing on the phone manually or automatically. The phones in-built speaker is solid too. It’s loud and clear enough to listen to in the car whilst travelling without the need for an additional FM Transmitter.

I find the Opera Mini browser makes mobile browsing really easy and slick on the E71. It’s very fast and easy to use, adjusting the view of the page to fit neatly on your screen minimising the amount of scrolling required per page.

All in all I’m still enjoying my E71 and am starting to wonder how I managed without it. My first months data transfer amount was a eye watering 1 GB of data which shows the extent to which I’ve been maximising the phones 3G connectivity features.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.