'Java Update Secret Warning' or 'You WILL Auto-Update'

The Java Runtime on my Dev machine prompted me to Update with a new Version. It didn’t prompt nicely via a little notification popup in the System Tray but instead blows straight into a full UAC prompt. Anyway in a moment of revenge I decided to turn off the ‘Auto Update’ feature. I opened the Java Control Panel and found the Update tab shown below:

I unchecked the “Check for Updates Automatically” option and then got this rather amusing ‘Warning’:

After guessing which button did what I closed the dialog to see this:

No matter how many times I try the same thing happens. I’m guessing that this is either:

  1. A very secret warning message that not just any mere mortal can read.
  2. A very obscure tactic to convince users not to turn off auto updates.
  3. A bug.

You decide.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.