New Source Code Live Writer Plugin Version

I’m pleased to announce the release of version 1.4.0 of my Windows Live Writer (WLW) Source Code Highlighter plugin for hosted blogs. For those not aware of this plugin it enables you to quickly insert a source code snippet into your hosted blog posts using the built in source code short codes. For more information and a run down of features checkout this page.

This is essentially a bug fixes release with some small new features:

  1. Bug Fix: The previous version did not handle XML, HTML very well due to problem with HTML encoding. This has been resolved and so HTML, XML and also strings such as “List<T>” are now handled correctly.
  2. Bug Fix: Opening a previously published post from your blog that contained Source Code would often clear the post’s title and categories. This took a bit of head scratching but it turned out it seems to be a bug in WLW, which I have now circumvented. Old posts can now be retrieved with titles intact.
  3. Bug Fix: Some minor miscellaneous stability and refactoring changes.
  4. New Feature: A requested feature was to have the ability to set a default programming language for the code snippets. After some prototyping I found it better to default the language to the one previously selected for the last inserted code snippet. This means that if you are, for example, normally inserting C# then you won’t need to change the language dropdown as it will default to the last one you inserted. Don’t forget you can customise the text file that accompanies the plugin to remove the languages you don’t use to make the dropdown smaller if you desire.
  5. New Feature: Since I released the previous version now supports these new language choices: ‘r’, ‘html’, and ‘clojure’. These have now been added to the language dropdown list for use via the plugin.

Still on the backlog list is an MSI installer, new version notifications and auto-update features. For now I hope you enjoy this new version, and thank you to all of you who have submitted feedback in the comments. The new version (1.4) is available here to download now.



  1. Hmmm — you think we’ll ever see this for self-hosted WordPress blogs and WLW?

  2. Rich Hewlett says:

    My plugin just helps the user write out the shortcodes that are used by to highlight the source code so just works on hosted blogs. The underlying source code highlighting engine they use is the Alex Gorbatchev plugin (check it out at which can be added to self hosted WordPress blogs. The shortcodes will be different but there are numerous WLW plugins by other developers that insert the code directly in the right format for that plugin. I would suggest you give them a go. Let me know how you get on.


  3. Sean says:

    Very nice plugin Rich. Thanks.

    I’m using it on a self hosted wordpress blog using WLW. Just needed to add the plugin to the site. Works great.


    1. Rich Hewlett says:

      That’s great news Sean. Thanks for letting me know.


  4. liangwu says:

    Thanks! But it does not work for me when I upload the blog to , “, etc have been modified to HTML code. Thanks anyway.

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