Some Recommended VS Code Extensions

One of the things that makes Visual Studio Code (VSCode) such a great editor is the many extensions that have been built for it. Extensions in VSCode are explained here. As a reference for myself when building new machines,and anyone else who might find this useful, below is a list of my most used extensions:

  • Bracket pair colorizer - Colours your brackets and braces for easy identification. I avoid many missing bracket errors with this one!
  • XML Tools - XML Formatting, XQuery, and XPath Tools.
  • ESLint - Extension to integrate ESLint into the IDE.
  • SonarLint - Sonar Rules in VSCode to check your code quality as you go.
  • Prettier - Integrate Prettier into your IDE
  • GitLens - Extend the Git capabilities of VSCode with this tool.
  • PowerShell - Develop PowerShell scripts inside VSCode.
  • Docker - Develop Dockers scripts inside VSCode. Adds syntax highlighting, commands, hover tips, and linting for Dockerfile and docker-compose files.
  • REST Client - Allows you to send HTTP requests and view the response directly in VSCode.
  • JS Refactor - Automated refactoring tools to smooth your JavaScript development workflow.

Check out more on the VSCode marketplace.

What are you using?

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